Equinox and Cake

Sunrise/sunset: 05:48/ 18:05. Daylength: 12hr17min

It seems that today is the spring equinox, here in the northern hemisphere. We actually hit twelve hours of light a couple of days back, and I expect spring is still a couple of months away, but we are approaching Easter, after which there are lots of bank holidays in Norway.

Covid is still kicking my ass. I returned to work on Monday, but then woke up during the night with my heart racing at double its normal rate. I ended up at the emergency doctors, where they couldn’t find anything specific, but hooked me up to a drip and let me sleep for an hour, before sending me home. It’s been an up and down week since then, but it seems this is not uncommon.

I did manage to get into work for an hour on Thursday, when I had my annual review with Hilde. She’s quite satisfied with my work and I’m quite satisfied with how it’s going, so it’s all good. Next week I need to sit an exam (which she’s not expecting me to pass, thank goodness) and hopefully, on Wednesday, I’ll be flying off to Lillehammer for a veterinary conference, so I’m very much hoping that I’m well enough to go.

John took me out for a drive yesterday, which was lovely. He’s bought his first car – an old Ford Mondeo – which he is naturally, very proud of. Hopefully he’ll pass his test soon, and then he’ll be very much more independent. But yesterday, he took me up and down the E6, and we ended up in a café in Setermoen, where we had coffee and cake.

So, this entry is both short and late, but I hope that normal service will be resumed next week! A few photographs from our trip yesterday. It’s been raining for a couple of days, and the big melt is well underway.

The snow has melted from the frozen river, revealing blue ice
Looking downstream to a lake – note the dirt on the ice and snow in the bottom left
The walls of ploughed snow at the sides of the road are dissolving, leaving an alien landscape

2 thoughts on “Equinox and Cake

  1. I will be praying for your success at the exams.
    Thank you for the tone of your writing. It has had an effect on my gravel tone.
    It has helped my discourse with these sometime rancourous Ghanaians. Thank you.

  2. Your experience reminds us still to take COVID seriously. Good luck with that, with your exam (doing as well as you feel you ought to, at this stage), and may you have a wonderful spring.

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