Hope Meadows

Summer at Hope Meadows

Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage

Springtime at Wildacre

Mandy Hope first appeared on bookshelves 25 years ago, in the long-running and massively popular children’s series Animal Ark.


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been selected to write as the next Lucy Daniels. The blog posts below chart my personal journey to Hope Meadows, from the error that brought me to the notice of author’s agent, Peter Buckman, through the heady experience of writing the first novel with Victoria Holmes:

A Gent – 10th February 2017
Double Agent (A Gent – Part 2) – 17th February 2017
Summer at Hope Meadows – 24th February 2017
And We’re Off and Running… – 3rd March 2017
Booty? – 10th March 2017
Major Characters – 17th March 2017
Case Files – 25th March 2017
Welford Geography – 31st March 2017

A Load of Strathballochs

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