Welcome to my website. I am a British veterinary surgeon and author living in northern Norway. I write about my life in the Arctic Circle here: In Darkness and in Light.

Burning logs outdoors, Norwegian wood
Norwegian Wood

I am the co-author of the Lucy Daniels – Hope Meadows series with the brilliant Victoria Holmes.

Summer at Hope Meadows

Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage

Springtime at Wildacre

Snowflakes Over Moon Cottage

Summer Days at Sunrise Farm

Christmas at Silver Dale


I was inspired by James Herriot to become a veterinary surgeon some thirty years ago. A few years after qualification, I realised I wanted to follow him further, into the world of veterinary writing. I began with short stories, then longer works of fiction, related to my work in general practice and in emergency and critical care. My special interests include animal welfare and sheep.

Lambing shed

In my spare time, I like to cook and bake. I also enjoy walking and love taking photographs of the countryside near where I live. I am the proud owner of one dog and two guinea pigs.

Many thanks for your visit.

Susie and Brownie

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8 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Sarah, I was sent Summer at Hope Meadows by Hodder a while back and only just recently got to it from my huge TBRM. I really enjoyed it and bought the next in the series which fits in perfect for my December themed reads. I loved learning about animal conditions, Mandy’s passion/love for animals and the writing itself was so easy. As a result I will be checking out your other work. Thank you for writing a lovely wee book! xxx

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

    1. Hi Lainy. I have commented on your blog, but I’m delighted you’ve found my site! I haven’t had any books published in my own name yet, but I am planning a novel about a vet practice in Scotland. I’ll update when I have any news.

  2. Hi Sarah. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and look forward to seeing your posts to start my weekends.

    I’m sorting through old papers and have found an illustrated book called Norge I Fest that my mother was given in 1945 by a Norwegian friend who was in London during WW2. If you would like it, I’d like to send it to you as you are probably the only person I know who would appreciate it!

    If you can send me an address – maybe the Mattilsynet one as I appreciate you may understandably be aware about giving your home one – I can post it to you this week.

    If you cannot access my email address that receives notifications, please use this one: smaller.pledges.0j@icloud.com.

    Kind regards

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