Welcome to my website. I am a British veterinary surgeon and author living in Norway. I am the co-author of the Lucy Daniels – Hope Meadows series with the brilliant Victoria Holmes.

Summer at Hope Meadows

Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage

Springtime at Wildacre

Snowflakes Over Moon Cottage


I was inspired by James Herriot to become a veterinary surgeon some thirty years ago. A few years after qualification, I realised I wanted to follow him further, into the world of veterinary writing. I began with short stories, then longer works of fiction, related to my work in general practice and in emergency and critical care. My special interests include anaesthesia and pain relief, and low-stress techniques in small animal handling.



In my spare time, I like to cook and bake. I also enjoy walking and love taking photographs of the countryside near where I live. I am the proud owner of two guinea pigs and enjoy taking care of my friends’ pets whenever they go away. Along with my husband, I like exploring different cities in Europe. This also allows me to indulge my interest in international cuisine.

I currently live in Norway.

Many thanks for your visit.








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