3 thoughts on “Snø!

  1. Well first I love the title! I’m trying to guess how to pronounce it, and not sound like a Monty Python fake-Scandanavian accent. And then I really love the photos. I do miss wonderful generous great folds of blue-white snow, these shots bring back memories. Thanks!

    1. I’d love to explain how ø sounds, but there’s nothing I can really compare it to. If you put snow into Google Translate and then click the speaker symbol on the Norwegian version, you can hear it.

      The massive snow forecast hasn’t really materialised. I’m quite sad really as I love a really good storm, so long as I don’t have to go anywhere.

      1. I know — nothing cosier than being warm, dry and unhurried inside, listening to/ watching some crashing great storm outside. (Well.. as long as it’s not bringing havoc to other lives.)

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