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Plah! A Journey through the Jungle

Last weekend, I was in Oslo. Originally, the plan was to meet my friend and co-author of the Hope Meadows series, Victoria Holmes. Sadly, Vicky became unwell soon before the trip and was unable to come. Charlie very kindly joined me instead for the weekend. Vicky did ask me, however, to record the things I saw and the food we would have eaten. So here is one of my favourite meals of the weekend.

The venue: Plah Thai Restaurant, Oslo

Our waiter for the night was the delightful Sebastian. He was very friendly and spoke excellent English.

I chose the vegetarian option.

The starter came in three parts.

Kaho grab – rice chip

Light rice crisp with flavoursome herb topping

Miang kam – “betel leaf” with pomelo

The stuffed leaf was served on a delicious bed of toasted coconut. I had to stop myself from eating the lot, knowing there was so much more to come

Karipap – Southern Thai samosa with sweet potato and curry

I think this was my favourite part of the whole meal! Crunchy pastry with a delicious filling

Then there were four further savoury courses

Kao tod – Rice ball with cucumber and sour mango

Sebastian recommended the rice ball should be crushed, then eaten with the crunchy salad

Gaeng klo wan – Green curry soup with bitter eggplant, fresh bamboo and basil

This was hearty and delicious, with a slightly hot and sour taste

Taohoo – Crispy soft tofu with pepper chilli and coriander

The tofu was perfectly cooked with a wonderful crisp coating. Perfectly contrasted with the colourful salad

Gaeng deng pak op – Baked roots, kale and curry

This was marvellous: sweet chargrilled root vegetables, some soft, some firm, with a delightful curry sauce. Extremely satisfying

Then there were three parts to dessert.

Kanun lae saowaros – Jack fruit and passion fruit

Like miniature tasty smoothies

Som chon – Kaffirlime and pandanus granite

Flavoured ice. Sweet and refreshing

We were offered coffee. My cappucino was as beautifully presented as the rest of the meal

Kanom dok djok – “Rosettebakkels”

This was the most amazing presentation of the evening. The rosette biscuits came under a glass container which had been filled with steam to carry the aroma of the dish to us. It was lifted at the table. There were edible flowers and small chunks of chilli jelly in the glass cover.

The biscuits inside were equally beautiful

And now, all I need to know is, when can we go back! A fantastic evening.

Bergen Weekend in Pictures

Sorry I haven’t updated Always Vet in Norway this weekend. Charlie and I have been on a roadtrip to Bergen to watch James and Simple Minds at the Bergen Festival. Both bands were fantastic; both played a lot of new music. We stayed in a great hotel and found some wonderful restaurants. Saturday was our 18th Wedding anniversary so this was our present to ourselves.

First then some views from the Park Hotel. Charlie had asked for a room on the top floor and so there were a lot of stairs to climb, but it was worth it for the airiness and the clear skies above the beautiful city.



Once we had settled in, we set off for the festival. James were playing first. I only took a few photographs but they played a great set. I do have an apology for Jan-Arne… going by Tim Booth’s outfit it seems that pyjama trousers really are in!





And I must apologise for the blurriness of this final image, but Mr Booth must be the craziest dancer I have ever seen.

Later in the evening, as dusk gradually fell, we watched Simple Minds – Charlie’s favourite band. I will just put in a few photos here. For those who would like to see a full set of images, click here.


Jim Kerr
Jim Kerr
Charlie Burchill
Charlie Burchill
Mel Gaynor
Mel Gaynor
Andy Gillespie
Andy Gillespie
Ged Grimes
Ged Grimes


After the concert, it was time to go back to the hotel. 1.30am and the sun was setting…



Next morning dawned another bright day so after breakfast and coffee, we headed off to Fløyen funicular railway. When we arrived at the bottom, we were fortunate enough to get to the front of the queue, so we had some fantastic views on the way up.




Then we emerged to wonderful views of the city.




Back down again, and we found a street that looked more Scandinavian than Central European…


And a delicious burger.


An old fire-station (which I had photographed earlier) was disgorging some amazing old fire-engines.




Finally as we made our way back to the bus station, we discovered there was a Thai festival taking place.




All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.