Ognaheia and Valentine

Marian and I had a lovely walk up to Ognaheia on Tuesday. For once it wasn’t raining, snowing or blowing a gale, and for the first time in weeks we were able to have sandwiches and coffee overlooking the lake at the end of the track. How wonderful it is to be able to go out in company with a friend and walk in the fresh air amongst wonderful surroundings. We both agreed it was a far better way to get exercise than on a running machine in a gym. We saw the Highland Cows on the way home, so of course I had to ask Marian to stop so I could take a photograph.


And of course, yesterday was Valentine’s day. It’s not something we celebrate madly, but we did buy some food from the Thai Take-Away van in the village. It’s the only take-away for miles around, and only appeared relatively recently, so it’s quite a novelty. We’ve been once or twice before, but for some reason yesterday, the food was much spicier than it has been previously. It suited our tastes much better. Here’s hoping it continues. I also made a cake. Well any excuse really.

In addition to the cake and the take-away food, I bought Charlie some coffee beans from Steam, my favourite breakfast coffee shop in Stavanger. In return, he used the beans to make wonderful coffee to go with breakfast this morning. He makes breakfast every weekend, and brings it to me in bed. Delicious toast with a mixture of cheeses melted on top, along with slivers of onion and tomato and pieces of salami. And freshly ground coffee with frothed milk. It’s my favourite part of the week. I’m really very lucky.

Love you Charlie.IMG_1923

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