Candlemas and Din Fart

Well yesterday was the second of my dates with decadence, to whit, Candlemas. Inevitably there was a mass of candles, and rather a lot of food. I’ll add some recipes (for stuffing and for honey roast parsnips) later. After the roast lamb there was plum crumble and custard, which was very enjoyable, although there was something of a close shave today when Charlie was helping himself to leftovers, and almost confused the gravy pan with the one containing custard. Fishfingers notwithstanding, I’m not sure savoury items and vanilla sauce go very well together.


Last week I also went into the city on Wednesday evening to pick up Charlie and we joined some of his colleagues for a night walk up Lifjellet. The last walk had been a gentle stagger in the darkness along a rocky shoreline, so I was somewhat unprepared for the speed of ascent. It struck me about halfway up, as I panted and everyone else was chatting, that whilst I am moderately fit, everyone else was very fit. Still I managed to stay the course, and there was an incredible view of the city from the top. I intend to return another day when it’s light. Perhaps Marian and I can go there for our vernal equinox walk.

And for all of those who have been waiting for “Din Fart” well it’s a measure of something, and for those who are wondering, no it isn’t measured in Decibels. Translated it means “Your Speed” and it relates, of course, to one of those road signs that flashes up how fast you are travelling. On the way to the airport, Charlie managed the bulls-eye, 60km/h, and being competitive, I couldn’t help wondering whether I would manage the same on the way home. After all, this is one of the few entertainments on a rather boring journey that living out in the sticks, and with Charlie travelling so much, we have to make rather more often than we would like. Another interesting Norwegian road sign on the way is the one that directs you to Gods Terminal. Rather boringly, when spoken, this sounds oddly like “Goods Terminal” which of course is exactly what it is, but my very favourite road sign has to be the one I saw on holiday at Hardangerfjord, which said “Farts Humper”. For those of you with discerning and analytical minds, you might be able to work out that this means speed humps. As for my farting achievement, well I had a little celebration on the way home when I too managed to attain the magical 60km/hr. And of course, from that it is possible to conclude… well actually nothing at all other than perhaps the fact that I am something of an eedjit. And of course, most of you knew that already!



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