I went on Monday to collect the new winter tyres for the car. For the first time we have bought studded tyres. They are mainly needed here if you are going to the Mountains often, however after several hair-raising trips to the airport in the middle of the night last year, I am very glad to have them. Winter temperatures have suddenly arrived, so the timing is about right. The main roads here have runnels just where your tyres normally interact with the road, when they fill with water and it freezes… well lets just say that I think this year, the car will handle much better.


I realise this is a sad thing to be excited about, (hey I am sad, get used to it) but I have been looking for ages for a glass pudding bowl, and on Monday I finally ran one to ground in a second hand shop. All the new ones I have seen have handles, and they don’t fit into a pan for steaming. I’ll be making the Christmas puddings shortly. A bit later than I would have liked, but apart from the bowl situation, I had to wait for Charlie to go to Britain to buy suet. You can’t get it here, though you can order it from The British Corner Shop. The good thing about making my own, is that I can omit whatever I want. I have never liked dried mixed peel, so out it goes, to be replaced by raisins. And you can’t get sultanas or currants here either so I will replace those with… raisins! As I had no stout last year, I decided to experiment and I’m pleased to say that Southern Comfort flavoured Christmas pudding is devastatingly good. I’d recommend it to anyone. Anyway, for the recipe, please go here.

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